FanCast 13 – Nuda a šeď v kinech

Premiéry: Autopohádky, Dilema, Obřad, Sanctum

Mimo Kino: Tron: Legacy, Vexille 2077

Potěšilo: Zašlapené projekty, Kramerová vs. Kramer, Ondra Malý v Šumných městech

Naštvalo: Tropa de Elite 2

Diskutují: Jan Varga, Petr Dudek, Standa A.

Celý podcast ke stažení zde:
FanCast 13.mp3
20:39 minut; 18,9 MB

6 thoughts on “FanCast 13 – Nuda a šeď v kinech

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    Posted on May 11, 2011 at 10:38 pmhello mr brown im Katie 4om mtainnzaa im hoping 2 win the gift card so i could take mi mom out on a birthday dinner with the family. hope i win

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    utente scrive:Bello bello, solo un dettaglio proprio minimo, il diodo non si chiama Scotty ma Schottky. Appena ho un po’ di spiccioli provo basandomi su queste guide. Spargete queste cose.

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    Funny thing is that I’ve actually needed my back-ups on my last two trips to New Zealand. I usually travel with two tripod heads, figuring that the legs are easier to buy and more of a pain to carry around. On trips where I shoot landscapes and urban scenes, I do bring two tripods, a 2 series Explorer for the former and a Traveller Gitzo for the latter.

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    Thanks!! My hair is actually a result of me not being bothered to re-dye my roots I was thinking about going back to my natural hair colour so completely left it as it is. I would probably do it at a salon though if I was to get it done xx

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    I think you’ve just captured the answer perfectly

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    BonjourCe soir « tout le monde sur le pont » ……….. enfin devant la TV pour soutenir notre « idole »je compte sur vous , les absences seront sanctionnées !!!!!!!!!!

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